3 Signs your marriage is on the verge of breaking off


One year into the marriage and you have already started feeling like walking off. Constant fights, a demanding partner, and no time to yourself. All this may make you feel stuck in an unwanted relationship. This is when most people take to divorce.

And more often than not, divorce comes as a shocker to the other partner. Not because they didn’t see it coming but because they didn’t see it coming so soon.

Here are 3 signs that prove your marriage is on the verge of breaking off so that a divorce doesn’t come as a killer.

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Your partner doesn’t like spending time with you

Late night work shifts, frequent parties with friends and colleagues, and a strong dislike to staying home. If your partner has started losing interest in spending time with you and he or she prefers to stay away from home, there are chances your relationship is heading towards a divorce. If this is a once in a while thing, there can be several reasons behind it but if it’s frequent and or a daily ritual, something is definitely wrong.

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Your partner doesn’t care for you

Whether you are down with fever or having an anxiety attack, if nothing bothers your partner, there are chances that the love between you two is fading away. Love and care are the foundation of any relationship and if any of them is missing it’s a reflection of a breaking marriage.

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He or she has started hiding things

If your partner has started telling lies and is hiding who they meet or do in a day, this again is a red sign. With no transparency, a relationship is just limited to papers. So, if you ever notice your partner becoming secretive and he or she doesn’t believe in sharing things with you, you can either confront them about it straight away or brace yourself for a failed marriage.

While failed relationships can give you a wound that is hard to heal, remember before blaming a person it is essential to evaluate what all has gone wrong. If these signs help you identify that your marriage is on the verge of breaking off, try speaking with your partner about what went wrong and if you two can sort it out.

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