3 Heartfelt ways to compliment your wife after taking her for granted

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In the hustle bustle of daily life, there may come such a time when you simply snap at your partner or even forget to say please and thank you. If you feel like your spouse has been taking on several responsibilities around the house while you have been focused elsewhere, then you’ve probably been taking her for granted. The best way to fix a situation is by taking remedial actions to right the wrong. If you have been taking your wife for granted, then they probably feel under appreciated. So, here’s a quick guide on how you can make sure that your life partner feels like a valued and appreciated member of your family.

  1. Offer to cook for her for a week

If you’ve been shirking your duties for a while, you should know that one small date won’t change things. Should you wish to reverse the damage, you can offer to cook dinners for a week. Make the dinners a unique experience by playing music she likes and serving snacks she adores while you cook. Plan to make her favorite dishes for all 7 days and you shall cherish the smile it brings to her face.

compliment your wife

  1. Take on some of her chores to offer her a few moments of peace

Everyone needs to contribute equally and you need to pull your weight in a marriage. But if your wife feels overworked, then you must commit to taking on some of her chores. Right from childcare to doing the laundry or preparing food, take a few tasks off her plate so she can have more time to herself. Give her some much needed respite so she can read, sleep, indulge in self-care or even head off to see her friends, while you hold down the fort at home.

  1. Get her a thoughtful present

You need no occasion for a present, because, sometimes a thoughtful gift is the best way to let someone know that they are appreciated. A ‘thank you for all you do’ present could please your spouse if it is something they crave but would not buy due to it being a luxury. Splurge on her to show your gratitude.

ways to compliment your wife

Words of affirmation and acts of love are the key to a healthy marriage. So, you must ensure that your spouse feels your love and affection almost every day.

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