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Summer-Special: 7 Hand Blender Options To Make Creamy Punjabi Lassi At Home





Just when we think the scorching heat of summer is getting unbearable, a chilled glass of lassi comes to our rescue. Think lassi and our soul soothes in no time. Native to Punjab, this yogurt-based drink has made its ways into everyone’s life across the country. Today, we find a lassi corner at every city we visit. Creamy sweet or salty yogurt drink, with frothy layer on the top – a chilled glass of lassi is just irresistible. Besides, lassi also helps prevent dehydration; and thanks to the yogurt, it promotes digestion, metabolism and keeps indigestion and bloating at bay. The probiotic content in dahi also helps boost healthy gut bacteria and nourish us from within.

Summer Diet Tips: How To Make Lassi At Home:

You can make this summer special drink at home too. All you need to do is blend dahi, salt/sugar and water together. You may also add flavours, herbs and spices of your choice. We like making mango lassi, mint lassi, kadi patta lassi etc. Click here for 5 of our most favourite lassi recipes.

Traditionally, lassi is prepared by churning dahi in a ‘matka’ with a wooden churner. But manually doing the job can be tedious and time taking. Hence, to cut it short and make job easy, we prefer resorting to technology. And it has blessed us with hand blender that does the job automatically by just pressing a button. For the unversed, hand blender or stick-blender is a handy kitchen appliance, that help you whip, whisk and blend smoothies, lassi, eggs, batter and more. A hand blender is sleek, compact and easily accessible. You can clean and keep it anywhere in the kitchen easily. And the best part is, hand blender helps us avoid takin out those heavy food processors for solving daily purposes.

Here’re 7 Hand Blender Options For You:

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Do let us know which one you liked the most and planning to buy to make creamy Punjabi lassi at home.

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