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Man Dies Of Covid, Doctor Son Treating Him Back At Work In 3 Days



Man Dies Of Covid, Doctor Son Treating Him Back At Work In 3 Days

Important for me to step in, said Dr Mukund Penurkar who lost his father to COVID-19


Doctors and health care staff across the world have been at the forefront in the fight against coronavirus and many of them, while performing their duties, got infected while some of them even lost their family members to COVID-19 but they still continued to perform their duties.

In one such instance, a doctor at Pune’s Sanjeevan Hospital Dr Mukund Penurkar lost his father to COVID-19 on April 26. Not only that, his brother and mother got infected with coronavirus at the same time but he continued to serve the COVID-19 patients.

Dr Penurkar is himself treating many patients at the hospital, including his own mother and brother who are getting treatment for COVID-19 here.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Penurkar said “I know the situation outside is not good. We tried our best to save my father at our hospital but unfortunately, we lost him on Monday. My brother and mother are still admitted here for Covid treatment and they are doing well now.”

He said that he returned on duty just after three days of his father’s demise.

“I have been working for Covid patients for long and I have seen the situation through my eyes. It has become difficult for health care staff to cater every individual and it was important for me to step in immediately so I returned on duty just after three days after my father’s demise. I think serving the patients in need would be the best thing I can do now for my father who we lost to COVID-19,” said Dr Penurkar.

The doctor underscored the need to serve society at this difficult time.

“Serving the society is our priority, for now, the situation is such that even family members are unable to meet their dear ones. We are going through a difficult time and we need to work hard to get over it,” added the doctor.

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